The Burning Stash

The Burning Stash

“Take Hold” snaps a dark figure in a commanding manner.

He or it, which of gods creations is unsure, hands you a small chest and then vanishes into the woods. You scan the surrounding area in fear, but your gaze is only met by the dark silhouettes of trees, their outlines only visible by the shrouded light of the old moon.

Your first instinct is to run, when you hear the cry of wolves in the distance, but your body is a statue of fear and nowhere to go. Your last reflex is to scream, but sadly your voice vanished, when hope deserted you.

The chest you hold suddenly feels warm, then hot, and you let go just before it bursts into flames.

The flames disperse and lick the surrounding dry grass, within seconds you are surrounded by fire.

In the flames you see past and present friends, loved ones and yourself.

You are now enlightened by the music of The Burning Stash…

The Burning Stash consists of 4 true artists with very different musical backgrounds, whose love for rock was the foundation to form this band.

Their sound is an unexpected consortium of events : starting calm, with a delicate evolution into vigorous accelerated passages.

Due to an extensive musical background The Burning Stash is very capable of seeking the boundaries of its genre.

They will surprise you by making you feel instantly at home with their music, even though it will be a first time experience.

“These guys know how to pull the right strings” is a quote once received after a performance.

This sums it up perfectly, and to see them live is by far the best way to experience their music.

Burning Band:
Stephan van de Kimmenade: Zang en gitaar
Martijn van Herpen: Gitaar en zang
Maarten van de Kerkhof: Drums
Fred Sparringa: Bas en zang

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