Lokotov Mocktail

A strong rock formation from the formidable city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands (or “Holland” for the noobs...). A combination of powerful riffs and atmospheric melodies, backed up by melting basslines and groovy drums, Lokotov Mocktail creates a delicious musical mocktail that will take you across universes.
Mainly inspired by music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, but also adding their own otherworldly flavour, their music reminds you of the old times but also feels like something completely fresh that you’ve never heard before.
All three bandmembers have a broad taste in music and come from different (musical) backgrounds. They are never afraid to experiment and blend music styles and if there is one thing this ensemble can do, it’s getting your grooves on.

Lokotov Mocktail consists of the following three fine men:
Daan van der Donk: Guitar
Dani Stevensz: Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar
Reinier Siebol: Drums

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