Fort ’99

In this day and age the world is being overrun by lovey-dovey music: singer-songwriters trying to move you, indiepopbands who brighten up your day with their sweet sounds and DJ’s that have a grip on everyone with their sun-filled beats. We’ve had enough of that. That’s why Fort ’99 decided to go against the grain. Fort ’99 wants to be the earthquake that current society needs. Tight rythms, cool basslines, cutting riffs and gripping vocals.

Fort ’99 has been around in the current line-up for about six months. After the previous band decided to quit, about three years ago, drummer Bram, guitar player Jelle and bass player Pieter decided that they wanted to continue together as a band. By adding Jeroen they thought they had found a match on guitar and vocals. A year and six months later they met vocalist Tristan, who they previously had battled against for a place at the HBO Intro festival in Breda. Agreeing that he would be a great addition to the band, since Jeroen admitted he wanted to focus on guitar, it was a matter of time before they met up after Tristan’s former band fell apart. Ever since he joined, Fort ’99 has been working hard on creating a unique set of songs, combining the love of different music styles from all the members of the band.

To sum it up: expect a kickass hardrock mash of metal, punkrock, sleaze rock, and more. Fort ’99 creates music that’s recognisably loud, ruthless and in your face. In the end, this band wants to shake things up and make sure the worlds stops sleeping and starts rocking.

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