Cirrha Niva

Cirrha Niva (derived from Cirrha & Nisa the mountain tops of the Parnassus, symbol of Divine Wisdom, Poetic Inspiration and Human Knowledge, as mentioned in Dante Alighieri’s epic poem The Divine Comedy) has a strong do-it-yourself attitude and they work 220% for their music.

All albums are released on their own independent label and are worldwide distributed by Suburban Distribution. The band invested a lot in quality studio recordings, cd production and press promotion. And it pays off, because the band has received overall high rates from international music press.

Cirrha Niva’s sound consists of technical thrash riffs, pounding drums, melodic and shredding guitar solo’s and Floydian sphere’s. Musical references can be compared with bands such as Nevermore, Dream Theater, Rush, Faith No More, Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy.

Under the guidance of producers Jochem Jacobs and Bouke Visser of Split Second Sound Studio (Textures, Autumn, Stream Of Passion), the band developed their already unique sound even more, resulting in their latest album 'For Moments Never Done' and 'Out Of The Freakshow'.

Cirrha Niva are five talented musicians who have full control over their instruments. Each of them with different backgrounds and influences that perfectly mix within the band’s sound. Cirrha Niva has the skill to combine the bluesy input of the vocalist Legrand with melody and structure from their guitarists Rob and Richard, who's influence range from the classic hard rock bands to modern prog bands and everything in between. The groovy and technical rhythm’s of drummer Robert are like one with the heavy and thrash influenced bass player Michel.

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