Bjorn-Flarf is a new band, bringing you heavy noise/classick/rock/indiecore from Utrecht.
We recorded our first release ‘Life In Sweden’ at Barn In The Meadow Studio in October 2017. It took us about twelve hours to record these 9 songs, because we did it all live. LIVE.
Here’s a nice quote about us:
"These guys brew a heavy melting pot of everything heavy, but still with a melodic undertone. It would be fair to call this indiecore, but this term may not capture all they're up to. You gotta feel their energy and experience their diverse song material in a LIVE setting!"
We started a couple of years ago, after one too many nights of getting drunk at our favorite pool hall. We figured out we might as well do something more productive and play some music, so we did.
Our lyrics are generated by an algorithm or using the Flarf method (//, so don’t take anything personally. Blame the machine. Our music is generated by our hands arms, legs and vocal cords... and may contain trace elements of blood, sweat, tears and vodka.
We are three guys whom you may or may not know from such bands as: Secret Handshake Club, Black Decades, Status Apatus, Try Drowning, Cathode and BgR.

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